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Some of our older movies.
We played at big festivals, like de Zwarte Cross, Noorderzon, the legendary Folkwoods and at smaller venues and of course in pubs, gardens, libraries and living rooms. Often, but not always, with projections of illustrations and animated video's and movies. Here we listed some of them.

None of the audio or video's on this site and on the internet is the finished product, and allmost all audio has been mixed
primarily for headphones by mad engineering.

Please click on an image if you would like to watch a movie.

'Ruby / Steery Hill.'

De Wisch niet zo Sneu Alleen
"Like your masters of cunning, we were the beasts under the sun." Really not to like...
The link to the full video (8:06), with Claire van Thiel
and Kim Foster:

ruby / steery hill


'Farmer John's Beautiful War'.

See the comment below the video...

intro farmer john' beautiful war

'May you fare well.'

De Wisch Sneu Alleen
Feeling his way through the song...

May you fare well De Wisch

'Life is a funhouse.'
(if you know how to play)

De Wisch live, with Sjaak Korsten and Stefan Nijssen
Our only blues.... A very bootleg recording.

life is a funhouse live by de wisch

'Good evening, Mr Sunshine.'

De Wisch TimeCarriers live.
A compilation of the very first TimCarriers performance.
Not at full strength yet.

De Wisch TimeCarriers

'Sky is not the limit...'
(Sky is blue)

De Wisch live.
On three consecutive years we played at The Netherland's most infamous festival: de Zwarte Cross. Over 50 shows.
Zie ook eventueel deze link: De Wisch op de Zwarte Cross.
There are two more versions of the song: 'sky is blues' and 'sky is stadium'.

de wisch zwarte cross

'No one ever knew.'

De Wisch

no one ever knew de wisch

'Greetings from your good leader.'

De Wisch Sneu Alleen and the Vigilante Mary Choir.
Attention: this is a cynical song!!!!!

greetings from your good leader de wisch sneu alleen and the vigilante mary choir

'Starfleet Delivers Cooper Cat.'

De Wisch. Full version.
At the arrival of Cooper Cat there
are 2 choirs
performing his favorite song 'Return Of The Century'.
You can hear the song in the background while a
cheering crowd welcomes Cooper.
From the album Cooper Cat, the raw data version.

starfleet delivers cooper cat de wisch

'Return of the Century.'

De Wisch Albon Elm.
Everybody goes to her or his heaven, but me, me I'm going home.

De Wisch Albon Elm Return of the Century fijn geluid

'Een wandeling in het park en al die standbeelden.'

De Wisch

een wandeling in het park en al die standbeelden De Wisch

'Songs for the Terreonaut.'

De Wisch Albon Elm
Compilation of the cd.

Albon Elm

'From 11 tot 7.'

De Wisch TimeCarriers Advance Team
Short version. Stefan and Ton in a sentimental mood...

timecarriers advance team

'Let's not kill the architect.'

De Wisch
At the 5D Festival in Amsterdam. Live recording.
("Goede titel," zei een bevriende architect.)

let's not kill the architect de wisch

'This Dance Will Last For Ever.'

Met Vera McKenna
Concept Big Band Crooner Song...

De Wisch Sunwalkers

'12 Sandy Crossroads.'

At 12 Sandy Crossroads we lived our lives in sin.

12 sandy crossroads by de wisch sneu alleen live

'Some live in Vienna, some others they don't.'

De Wisch niet zo Sneu Alleen met Veronique Hogervorst
Low resolution animated video.

some live in vienna, some others they don't by de wisch

'Polly Jean.'

The song Album Elm recorded to mark the end of their 5 years
performing together...

Polly Jean De Wisch

'Back to the yak'.

A song about going home.

de wisch back to the yak

'Why we.'

De Wisch
From the Raw Data CD.

why we by De Wisch

'Cold Man.'

De Wisch Albon Elm.
From the cd 'Songs for the Terreonaut'.
The noice is back...

cold man by De Wisch Albon Elm

'Another Try'

Vocals Veronique Hogervorst
Just the audio. Video expected.

'Dancin' in the moonlight.' dancing in the moonlight by de wisch

'Hillberry Blue.'

De Wisch Sneu Alleen.
There's the hole in the road where the choir came to sing.

hillberry blue de wisch sneu alleen

'The Brave Stands Next To Me.'

With Vera McKenna

the brave stands next to me. by De Wisch

'Ergens heb je gelijk, geen dame.'

Even deze link:

'De wolkentrein en ander verdriet'.

De underground storyboards.
Als je op de foto klikt krijg je alle informatie en de links naar de 6 video's.

de wisch productions wolkentrein


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