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This is great: at London's leading university, Slade, school of fine arts, studying everything there is to know about colour.


we love this picture of Barkas by



Hier nog wat 'wist je dat' dingen:

-Dat Mike altijd moet huilen als Lienke 'Is your name Lee' zingt, vooral op Folkwoods... (stijve Engelsman hè)
-in 2011 zijn we weer op Folkwoods, dus dan kun je het zelf zien!
-en dat Mike tijdens live radio-optredens altijd vergeet om zijn gitaarversterker aan te zetten en dat dan de radiotechnicus de schuld krijgt dat je hem niet hoort....We kunnen rustig stellen dat Mike The Ultimate Air Guitar Player is !!
-En wist je dat we nu ook een advance team hebben ? In ieder geval twee auto's met een sticker waar dat op staat !


albon elm laatste optreden

'Blonden Blue' will be a 'Ton' cd , however, Liesbeth (Albon Elm) will be on it too! :-)



The hidden anthem that entered the Abbey Road 80th Anniversary Anthem Competition...
beta version concept headphones mix of 'Greetings from your good leader' now on line and public

EERY EERY VOCALS by our Vigilante Mary Choir !!!
(click here to read the disclaimer
before you watch the video on You Tube!!)



opening song of De Wisch timecarriers show will be '60 secs of Jane' .


VERY VERY VERY good news !
Daan, our former studio neighbour, now living abroad in Germany, has agreed to be in one of our 'homesick blues tradition' video's (# 3). He will play the part of Ginsberg and the other fellow.


Ass-kicking stageband: they are hard to book, expensive and heavy: click here
De Wisch timecarriers

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playlist De Wisch timecarriers

60 secs of Jane
Sky is Stadium
She's my friend
White Seed
The Revelation (it was no revelation at all)
So Long
Return of the Century the heavy heavy heavy heavy version with the flaming horses verse
A Walk in the Park and all these Statues
Please no more Tropical Diseases
Farmer John's Beautiful War
Cold Man (the hot version)
I'm a Time Space Agent, the Agent of my Mind
Good Evening, Mr Sunshine
The Yeti is not a Myth
Greetings from your Good Leader
Sittin' on the porch of Magical Dustman George McCloud
The dark blue Galican Sky
Drive safely... and dream sweet little dreams tonight !

snow death

Snowdeath, grow death.
and someone is saying: I'm lovin' you anyway
it's a strange world and a strange place you're in
Als je op de afbeelding klikt ga je naar de video!






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